About Binocular

Binocular is a partnership between two designers and master woodworkers whose skills include furniture design, cabinet making, musical instrument making, engineering and 3D CAD. Their paths are interwoven via family ties, the volcanic landscape of New Zealand and a passion for creating beautiful things.

Every piece that originates from Binocular shares the same fundamental attributes: design elegance, textural interest, richness of colour, depth of shine, quality of execution, fulfilment of purpose and the ability to age with grace. These are pieces that grow into cherished possessions, establishing their own distinct place and character.

Binocular furniture and lighting is made using environmentally sourced materials, traditional techniques such as steam bending and utillising UK-based manufacturing partners. The result is a distinctive collection of contemporary finely made furniture, lighting and ancillary pieces for the home or office.

Illustration by: jonno